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Dr. Jeffery Hudson

Our Patient Testimonials 

Dr. Jeff is an experienced, knowledgeable and caring chiropractor! He takes time with his patients and offers a full array of cutting edge as well as traditional adjunct therapies. He tailors his treatments to each individual and I have experienced excellent results.

Janice B.

Every time I break myself, Dr. Jeff fixes me. The entire office is professional and their aim is to improve your quality of life.

Susan R.

Dr. Jeff, Chiropractor and Dr Kieko, acupuncturist and Karen, staff are the best! I have been everywhere trying to get better and have gotten more answers and knowledge about my chronic pain than any where else. TOP NOTCH!!! I was referred there by the VA

Tim P.

If you are looking for both a skillful and caring environment you have come to the right place. Dr. Jeff and Dr. Keiko with their combined expertise in Functional Chiropractic and Chinese Medicine addresses the “whole” person including their mind, body and spirit. Dr. Jeff’s ability to assess diagnostic tests such as MRI’s, CT’s and X-rays and then formulate a treatment plan to suit your needs is unsurpassed. Dr. Keiko’s patient and relentless pursuit of the right combination of acupuncture and herbs necessary to improve presenting conditions is exceptional. Together they give you hope that you are on the right track to a healthier life. I highly recommend them!

Joanne L

He is simply the best And I'm comparing him against a 1/2 dozen chiropractor's in the greater Cincinnati Ohio area. Karen at the front desk is delightful...And his therapuetic massage therapist I made a point of forgetting her name because it hurt so bad and felt so good afterwards.

Robert K

Dr. Jeff Hudson is an excellent chiropractor! He came highly refered by several people. He is very thorough and knows his stuff, the best I have ever been to. Plus, he found things other Radiologist and other M.D. missed. Dr. Hudson and his staff are great people and go out of their way to help and accommodate you.

Joe M

I am Jacqueline of Sarasota, FL. I am 65 years young and enjoying my golden years. In December of 2016 I was in a very serious bicycle crash and seriously injured. Someone referred me to Dr. Jeffery. After reviewing all the x-rays from my emergency room visit, Dr. Jeffery began regular adjustments and various treatments which lasted about a year. I began to notice less pain and more mobility. I was able to get back into gym, play pickle ball, climb water falls, travel, ride horses, and yes, ride my bike. I continue a regular adjustment with Dr. Jeffery, so I can stay in alignment and stay active. Dr. Jeffery has been practicing Chiropractic medicine for many years in Sarasota and is always continuing his education so that he can deliver the best treatments available. Dr. Jeffery is also kind, professional, well educated, and always determined to find the root cause of his Patient's pain and issues. Enjoy your active, healthy golden years and give Dr. Jeffery a call today!

Jacqueline F