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Integrity, Flexible, Simplicity, Humility

We value our patients' experience at Hudson Chiropractic Wellness Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Jeffery Hudson

Our Patient Testimonials 

Dr. Keiko is a wonderful Acupuncture Physician offering a variety of treatment protocols that provide pain relief, stress relief, and encourage healing and balance. Her treatments have helped to relieve my pain, reduce inflammation, improve my sleep and increase my energy.

Terry is a wonderful massage therapist who does amazing deep tissue and trigger point work. She has an uncanny ability to hone in on my problem spots and helps to release them. I use a cane and her massage treatments have helped to relieve pain and stiffness as well as increase my range of motion."

-Janice B, Sarasota FL

The place where East meets West.... They have the Western chiropractic practice and Eastern acupuncture at the same office which is ran by husband and wife team. Dr. Jeff does chiropractic and Dr.Kieko does acupuncture, as they are called by their first name. I had knee problems and got laser and acupuncture treatment at the same time and it works for me. Highly recommended.

Kok. L

Dr. Jeff is an experienced, knowledgeable and caring chiropractor! He takes time with his patients and offers a full array of cutting edge as well as traditional adjunct therapies. He tailors his treatments to each individual and I have experienced excellent results.

Janice B.

"Dr. Keiko Dodson has given me several treatments and I have realized many benefits. After I receive her acupuncture treatment, my sleeping is much better and it gives me much relief with areas in my neck and back that I have stiff muscles. And her facials are truly wonderful ! She applies special Young Living Essential Oils for me and I very much enjoy the facial massage machine that gives me that refreshed and rejuvenated feeling ! My skin feels quite energized ! I am quite impressed with her strong passion for sharing the beneficial things for my well being.

I highly recommend her services!"

Laurie L, Sarasota FL

"I had the opportunity to experience the Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture and Facial with Gua-Sha by Dr. Keiko. I have had facials in the past but nothing like this, an ancient practice of skin rejuvenation with a modern flare. The treatments were very enjoyable and relaxing. Relaxing to the point that I fell asleep. The results were a glowing complexion, softening of fine lines and decreased muscle tightness. Thank you!"

Cheryl D

Keiko is truly an amazing acupuncturist! A friend of mine recommended me Keiko. I was in pain because of an Achilles injury, and so stressed because of my work. I was a mess, physically as well as emotionally. But she did it! I went 6 weeks in a row first, and could see weeks after weeks how I was getting stronger and feeling way better! Keiko helped also my mum. She came here to visit me and had several issues which were bothering her a lot since years. I was so impressed to see how my mum's health improved! Not only that, she looks so much younger now. Keiko is dedicated to help people. She is taking the time to understand your problem to solve it at the source. I highly recommend Keiko! She is truly amazing!

Isa C.

Dr. Keiko has helped me with everything from an upset stomach to sleeping issues to back and headaches. She always takes the time and effort to make sure I always walk out of the office feeling great. Dr. Keiko personalizes my treatment to how I'm feeling at the time of my appointment. I don't think you can receive better treatment than she provides.

Bob S

I absolutely love Dr Keiko! This review is way overdue. I have been going to Dr Keiko for about 1 year now. I initially went to try her holistic facials with acupuncture. I had a 6 week course before going on vacation and was beyond thrilled with the results. Fine lines smoothed out and my skin texture smoother & firmer. My husband said it was the best my skin had looked in years! I love her so much because I started chatting about all my aches & pains and before long she was treating me for my allergies, shoulder pain & other health issues. Dr Keiko is very gentle and very attentive. I really like that she takes her time and is thorough. Feeling like a valued patient while getting good results is a rarity with doctors!

Cindy S